COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Donation

As we face these challenging times as a community and society, the impacts of COVID-19 have affected virtually every aspect of ordinary life.

This bears true for Peak Community Services as our dedicated staff continues to provide care for those we serve. We are exercising the utmost caution to protect persons in our care as well as care providers. This includes obtaining personal protective equipment and transitioning to home-based services for the time being.

These extraordinary measures have placed a huge financial burden on the agency and its ability to continue providing these vital services to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their care and well-being are our primary focus; that continues through the current circumstances, amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

During this time, we need your support now more than ever in order to carry on with the day-to-day functions and services our dedicated team is called to accomplish. Please donate today to Peak Community Services to financially support our efforts in providing care for those we serve and their families.

PPE Items Currently Being Requested


  • Surgical Masks
  • N95 Respirators/Masks
  • Respirators – Non N95

Face Shields

  • Medical Grade Face Shields
  • Non-Medical Grade Face Shields

Hair Covers


Hospital Gowns

Disinfectant Wipes 

  • PDI Wipes (purple top)
  • Clorox Wipes

If you would like to donate these items, please contact Peter Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, at