Inspired Ventures offers supportive programming that focuses on the interests of each individual participant in this program. With programming designed to help clients sharpen their specific talents and pursue new interests, in artistic/creative ways, while offering an opportunity for program participants to receive financial gain for selling their work in the community.  

The Goal of Inspired Ventures programming is to:

  • Encourage community interaction through specialized volunteers and community hosts
  • Establish and foster opportunities for more complex and creative goals
  • Provide a creative platform to support the exploration and discovery of new hobbies and arts
  • Encompass a variety of arts while cultivating ideas beyond traditional art programs
  • Emphasize the sensory aspect of activities as well as the natural benefits of developing and maintaining creative interests
  • Stimulate perceptual growth through supervised programming and regimented but malleable personal development

“They (Rural King staff and management) welcomed me in like family. My coworkers, my supervisors, and my job coach have all worked to help me succeed, and this was an opportunity for me to give them something to show how much I appreciate it!”

David Kasch presenting a custom made plaque to his Rural King Supply supervisor’s Miraenda & Missy. David had the opportunity to make this project during his Life Skills class.