The Direct Service Workforce Investment Grant


FSSA is issuing Peak Community Services, Inc. funding to support our direct service workforce and Direct Service Professionals.

Upon receipt of the grant payment, Peak Community Services will pass through at least ninety-five percent (95%) of the amount received towards HCBS related Direct Service Workforce stabilization activities. The plan will be to give a bonus each pay period that will be call a "stipend" to each HCBS worker. The bonus will be based upon total hours worked each pay period. The 95% will include the bonus amount and all payroll taxes.

FSSA will issue a payment each quarter. Immediately upon receipt of the grant payment, payroll will calculate the total hours worked each payroll and on the following payroll Peak will issue a stipend to those staff. Peak will spend each round of the grant no later than 3 months after receipt of payment. Depending on the timing and issue of the funds, the anticipated goal is to pay out the funding received prior to receiving the issue of the second grant payment and likewise the third grant payment. Please reach out to Tara Bradley with any questions regarding how the funds will be spent. She can be reached by calling our main phone number 574-753-4104.