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Volunteering & Internships

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Do you have a skill or expertise that could benefit Peak Community Services? Are you looking for an opportunity to donate your time to help make the lives of others successful? Are you interested in volunteering to help the individuals we serve meet their life goals? There are volunteer options available for teaching classrooms, working one-on-one teaching new skills, and for community outings.

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Do you know what to look for in an internship?

If you are looking to build a variety of skills, pursue your personal passions, have opportunities for faster career development, help change things for the better, more direct access to decision-makers than in a big company, meet dedicated people who share your interests and passions, and have a new real-world experience every day, then an internship at Peak Community Services might be right for you!

To learn more about internship opportunities reach out to us with a description of your field of interest, a résumé (if you have one), where you are attending classes, and how we can contact you (email and phone number). We can get everything in motion from there!