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Coordinator - Supervised Group Living

Coordinator - Supervised Group Living

Total Job Openings: 1

Job Immediate Start: Yes

Employer Overview

Coordinators provide support to adults with medical and/or physical and developmental disabilities. Coordinators will provide direct support to the client’s 80% of the time, while 20% will be for supervisory duties. We strive to help our clients live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Depending on the needs of the clients, Coordinators aid with living skills development, health maintenance, medication administration, personal care and behavioral development. Coordinators are expected to be in the home for the majority of their work time, except for appointments for the clients. Coordinators are expected to be in the home until 8 p.m. to provide adequate supervision of the staff that they are assigned to supervise. The Residential Manager or Director may adjust working hours to align with Agency needs.

Coordinators working under the direction of a Supervised Group Living Manager and Program Director provide services that enrich the lives of our clients with an emphasis placed on creating an environment that encourages the clients to experience a full life directly related to our mission of “Creating Opportunities/Supporting Success.” Coordinators assist the clients in participating in traditional daily and weekly activities, such as shopping at the grocery store, going to the movies and enjoying hobbies.

Education Requirements

Must have a High School Diploma or GED

Eligibility To Work Requirement

Must have a valid Indiana Driver’s License, valid auto insurance, and pass required background checks.

Experience Requirements

Three (3) years’ experience working with persons with developmental disabilities. Three (3) years of supervisory experience preferred. Knowledge of state and federal rules and regulation pertaining to appropriate program area would be preferred.

Physical Requirement

Working conditions: While working, you may be required to deal with the following conditions: 1) possible exposure to blood borne pathogens; 2) possible exposure to profanity, violent and/or offensive behavior from the clients; and 3) variable hours depending on job or job location, as Peak Community Services operates programs and services 24/7, 365 days a year.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Ability: Due to the essential duties and responsibilities of the Coordinator position, applicants for the position must: 1) be able to lift up to 70 lbs., walk, bend, crouch, kneel, twist, push, pull, squat, turn in the knees, back, wrists and shoulders and grasp with both hand (in order to properly perform the techniques taught in CPR/First Aid, Client Intervention Techniques and Lifting and Carrying Techniques). 2) Must have normal hearing, with the aid of corrective devices, as needed (i.e., hearing aid). Must have normal vision, with the aid of corrective devices, as needed (i.e., glasses or contacts). 3) Must be free from fainting spells, blackouts, dizziness, or seizures. 4) Must have the ability to sit in a normal seated position for extended periods. 5) Must have the ability to endure extended periods of driving. 6) Must have the ability to tolerate exposure to dust, gas, and/or fumes. 7) Must have the ability to exert up to 20-50 pounds of force, occasionally, and/or 10-26 pounds of force frequently. 8) Must be able to speak, read and write in English. 9) Must be able to complete the Peak Community Services training programs and successfully pass associated test to meet competency requirements. 10) Must have basic computer skills including, but not limited to, sending and receiving e-mail, accessing web page, entering basic data, use of the Time Keeping System, and common use applications. 11) Be able to complete all required paperwork and submit by required deadlines and timelines. 12) Some positions require that employees must be able to pass a TB test. 13) Must be able to carry out other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Report to: Residential Manager and Program Director

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Ensuring that the clients receive the highest quality of support and services is the focus of the Coordinator and supporting and training the DSPs to provide the same supports and service. Peak Community Services has an uncompromising commitment to quality and integrity – employees are expected to perform their duties and responsibilities to this high standard of quality. Specific duties and responsibilities are as follows:
Advocacy –Assist clients with achieving personal goals; works on behalf of clients to overcome barriers; helps clients participate in activities of their choice; respects client’s personal beliefs, choices and interests. Act as liaison for clients, as needed.
Health Maintenance –Provides care and assistance to promote good health; helps clients receive medical care and communicates with medical professionals; administers medications according to physician instructions; records information regarding health events, conditions and status; provides First Aid and CPR and seeks emergency medical care when needed. Track medical appointments, follow-up appointments, annual healthcare needs and ensure appropriate paperwork is completed and filed in the proper Client Files and Books.
Personal Care –Supports clients with eating, grooming dressing, bathing and toileting; assists clients with their mobility including lifting them from a seated or lying down position and helping them walk and maintain stability. Assist in completing annual Functional Capacity Evaluation for each client.
Life Skills Development –Supports clients to develop living skills such as cooking, money management, household shopping, doing laundry, personal hygiene, etc.; teaches work-related skills and job preparedness; record progress on skill development and achievement.
Behavior Development –Serve as a role model and mentor, demonstrating the desired behaviors and coaching the client using approved techniques and strategies; use approved physical intervention techniques when they are necessary to protect clients and others; follow Behavior Support Plans, ensure training to other staff on BSP.
Operational Support –Maintains cleanliness of the home; provides transportation for clients to their activities; completes tasks that are beyond the client’s abilities; follows procedures for handling money; active treatment per IAC 460 and/or ICF/MR.
Professional Behavior –Acts in a professional manner and communicates effectively with others; completes all required training programs, at least 24 hours annually; attends required meetings.
Supervisory Responsibility – Responsible for new and all current staff training, and working directly with all new hires or transfers on the house procedures and complete and submit training checklist; ensuring that all required training and documentation is current and up to date; providing Client Specific training, Behavior Support Plan training, Risk Plan training and other required training and designated training per regulations; deal promptly, efficiently and effectively with staffing issues and report to and/or work with Human Resources.
Scheduling – Responsible for scheduling staff to cover hours in the home. If there are open hours, Supervised Group Living Coordinator is responsible for covering, at the minimum, the first eight (8) hours before assigning overtime. Responsible to stay within and maximize the allotted number of hours to meet budget expectations.
Records – Responsible for verifying DSP time records for recorded accuracy in the time keeping system and other documentation prior to submitting to payroll; minimizing overtime; on-call responsibilities and 24-hour availability are required.
Financial Responsibility – Responsible for balancing and reconciling client petty cash on a monthly basis and required monthly audits; managing the household budget. Maintains records of transactions to ensure proper reporting.