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BQIS Testing

Please note:

When you are completely done with the test, you are ready to click on "submit".

If it helps, you can take a little of the test one time, then come back to it later to finish. If you decide to do this, be sure to click "save" and "continue later".

Before you click "submit", check your answers carefully. You won't be able to change any answers after you submit the test.

Testing Results:

Once the test is submitted, you will know your score immediately. If you do not pass the test, you will need to retake it until you do. You can do it!

How To Study:

Just like anything in life, you’ll do better at any test if you give yourself time to study, read the material carefully, and ask for help when something isn’t clear. Remember, there are no silly questions!

How To Take The Test:

Here’s a tip: Look out for words like never, always, shall. Stop and think how these words effect the answer. While the wording of some questions is taken strictly from the material presented, sometimes one word in the sentence may be changed, giving the sentence another meaning. Watch for these!

MITC / Pay Issues:

Each test will have an introductory section that will explain how record your training time. For example, some tests might be worth 1 hour of training while others will be worth only 30 minutes. Hourly staff should clock when starting the test and out upon completion of the test. Unfortunately, staff will not be paid for more than the allotted training time to take each test. If there is a reason you must have more time to take the test, please talk with your supervisor.

Once You Pass the Test:

You will receive an email verifying that you have passed the test. Print out the email, sign the document, and turn this in to Human Resources. Good luck!