Peak Community Services works with many businesses in the community to develop and maintain competitive jobs for men and women with disabilities.


In partnership with these businesses, Peak Community Services helps individuals reach for their dreams. Jobs are developed and a job coach is assigned to teach specific job skills and to support individuals along the way.


"We have some older consumers who can proudly say that they have a longevity in a job and you know these days that's pretty hard to find. But they proudly say 'I have worked at Peak Community Services for 30 years.' And I think that's something they're very proud of. But I think that brings a value to our customers that you don't see a lot of. That experience that they've had doing the same job for so many years, they often are able to catch quality issues, bring them to our staff's attention, and which in turn we take it to the customer. This saves the customers massive amounts of money and time. And I think there is a value there that is really appreciated in this area." 

- Tina Foust | Peak Community Services Marketing Associate

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Our Business Partners

Businesses that employ adults with developmental disabilities provide a valuable service to the community by reducing the cost of support services, saving tax dollars, encouraging self-sufficiency, and providing vocational rehabilitation.

If you are interested in becoming a business partner, contact Jennifer Roush at (574) 753-4104 ext 156 or

Tax Incentives for Employers: