Doing a real job - in a real work environment - builds dignity and self-respect. 

PCS Industries Work-Service Program is a Pre-Vocational program dedicated to empowering individuals with barriers to employment, by providing them with tools to expand their vocation skills through opportunities set in a supervised environment. Work Services also provides individuals with an income source, which promotes self-sufficiency, and gives individuals the tools they need to improve their quality of life.

Peak Community Services helps men and women with developmental disabilities discover their interests and skills. Direct support professionals provide support and coaching in each job environment.

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“I have been at Peak Community Services for over 30 years in different programs. I like PCS Industries because it helps me achieve goals, stay active, and lets me see my friends. PCS Industries also lets me earn money to buy the things I want when I am out in town. PCS Industries is the right choice for me!” 

Doug Lewis